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Scleral Contact Lenses In CITY 1, State

Scleral Lenses: The Revolutionary Contact Lens Technology Providing Incredible Comfort And Visual Clarity

See Scleral Doctor Name for advanced contact lens fittings at The Practice Name Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center serving patients from CITY 1, CITY 2, CITY 3, and CITY 4

Have You Been Told That You Are Not A Candidate For Contact Lenses? This Is No Longer True.

Have you tried to wear contact lenses only to end up wearing glasses as you suffered too much discomfort? Is your vision worsening due to Keratoconus or other corneal conditions?

Scleral Lenses Offer Comfortable and Clear Vision for ALL

Thousands of people who suffer from vision loss as a result of various corneal conditions (listed below) can now see clearly once again by wearing scleral lenses. Those who previously couldn’t wear contact lenses due to certain eye conditions or discomfort are excellent candidates for scleral lenses.

So say goodbye to the old days of contact lenses that didn’t work for you. At The Practice Name Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center, Scleral Doctor Name can provide advanced custom contact lens fitting for even the most hard-to-fit-patients.

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What Are Scleral Lenses?

Custom fit scleral lenses help patients with corneal irregularities achieve dramatic improvements in visual acuity and comfort. Scleral lenses vault over the cornea and prevent discomfort by resting on the sclera so as not to place any pressure on the cornea. Furthermore, the reservoir of pure saline solution between the back surface of the lens and the front of the cornea ensures that the eye is always in a moisturizing liquid environment - making it optimal for healing.

Due to their larger size, scleral lenses are more stable on the eye than conventional GP lenses, and are therefore less likely to accidentally dislodge from the eye. This makes them more comfortable, especially for sensitive eyes or irregularly shaped corneas. Moreover, all scleral lenses are made with highly breathable gas permeable material so that plenty of oxygen easily accesses the front of the eye, keeping it healthy and comfortable.

What Are The Advantages Of Scleral Lenses? It’s All In The Shape!

Scleral Lenses Are More Wearable And Protect Your Eyes Better

The vaulted dome design of scleral lenses offers unique advantages over traditional contact lens design. Scleral lenses move around much less than regular contacts, making them superior for physical activity, with far less irritation.

The vaulted dome shape of a scleral lens provides a smooth replacement corneal surface, improving vision for people with corneal scarring or corneal irregularities due to LASIK eye surgery complications, Keratoconus, or other eye conditions.

The design of the lens creates a pocket of space between the eye and the lens. The lens is filled with lubricating saline solution before insertion, providing hydration and comfort all day long.
The size of the lens means that your eyes are more protected from debris, dust, and other allergens, making it a good solution for someone that also suffers from eye allergies.

Enjoy Better Vision

Scleral lenses also provide unparalleled visual acuity by shielding the damaged cornea with a perfect optical surface. Its larger design means the lens is firmly in place, which further enhances vision when compared to traditional lenses. Due to their size and shape, scleral lenses provide greater durability, easier handling and a lower risk for complications. The Practice Name Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center has a wide range of custom scleral contact solutions that can work for you.

Scleral Lenses are the Ideal Solution for Many Eye Conditions

Because of their unique shape and comfort levels, scleral lenses are an ideal solution for people with the following eye conditions:

  • Keratoconus
  • Severe Dry Eyes
  • Post-refractive surgical complications
  • Post LASIK eye surgery complications
  • Post RK eye surgery complications
  • Post PRK eye surgery complications
  • Severe astigmatism
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Trauma to the cornea
  • Corneal ectasia,
  • Sjogren's Syndrome
  • Post Corneal Graft
  • Irregular Cornea
  • Severe Dry Eye
  • Ocular Pemphigoid
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

Rarer conditions include:

  • Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy
  • Basal membrane dystrophy
  • Meesman's dystrophy
  • Reis-Bückler's Granular dystrophy
  • Thiel-Benke's dystrophy
  • Macular dystrophy
woman wearing Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

Scleral Lenses for Various Eye Conditions

The clear tissue on the eye’s outermost surface covering the pupil and the iris is called the cornea. The cornea’s function is to bend and focus light entering the eyes. Normally, the cornea has a smooth shape to provide clear vision, but when the shape of the cornea becomes irregular, as in the case of Keratoconus, the light entering the eyes doesn't focus properly, causing the individual to experience distorted and irregular vision. 

Keratoconus is a condition of the cornea that affects between .1% and .5% of the population, or 300,000 to 1.6 million Americans. Fortunately, it can be effectively corrected with scleral contact lenses. The Practice Name Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center provides advanced eye care for Keratoconus patients from all over the state of State including many patients from CITY 1,CITY 2,CITY 3, and CITY 4.

Our eye doctor has helped many patients, who were once legally blind due to their corneal scarring, regain excellent vision after being properly fitted for scleral lenses.

People suffering from severe dry eyes can find therapeutic benefits from transitioning to custom designed scleral lenses. Sclerals keep the cornea moisturized and protected while minimizing irritation to the eyelids and the rest of the eye.

Scleral lenses are extremely effective at correcting high and irregular astigmatism. Because of their rigidity, scleral lenses can correct astigmatism and provide excellent vision.

Scleral contacts are an ideal option for anyone that is severely nearsightedness, farsightedness, or has astigmatism. For presbyopia patients, scleral contacts can be designed as multifocal contacts to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness simultaneously. 

All scleral lenses rest on the white part of the eye, the sclera. Our optometrist, Scleral Doctor Name, will customize the scleral lenses by determining the exact diameter and space between the cornea and sclera.

Some scleral lenses may be smaller, also called mini scleral lenses, while standard scleral lenses are larger, full sized lenses. The larger scleral lenses are often recommended on very irregular corneal surfaces.

Scleral Lenses Are the Gold Standard of Contact Lens Comfort and Work for Just About Anyone
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We Asked Five Patients About Their Experience With Scleral Lenses

How Has Your Vision Been Since Switching to Scleral Lenses?

It has been very clear, a lot better than my soft contacts and a lot more comfortable all day. My favorite thing is that I can tell that my vision is corrected as perfectly as it can.

How Did Your Life Change When You Got Scleral Lenses?

It changed dramatically, I am a traveling nurse, driving early morning and late at night. I can now drive at night and the lights don't bother me, It has helped me tremendously for my job. I have been wearing sclerals for over 3 years and I could never go back to regular hard contacts.

Tell Us What Your Vision Was Like With Your Old Contacts?

I had 20/50 vision with contact lenses, and now I can see 20/25 and I have gone down on my reading glasses from 2.0 to 1.5. And the great part is I can’t even tell I have anything in my eyes. The biggest thing about sclerals is keeping them clean and taking care of them.

eye doctor, senior woman wearing scleral lenses

What Is Your History Before Sclerals?

I was a keratoconus patient, I first had a corneal transplant on one eye and then the other. Did you try contacts after corneal transplant? I did but after 2 hours they hurt too much. Tell me the difference in your vision? There are no words to articulate, when I look at people I see detail like never before, it is like night and day.

Have Sclerals Changed Your Life? 

In middle school I was diagnosed with Astigmatism and wore contact lenses, but in college, I started having issues and was diagnosed as having the early stages Keratoconus. I went to a lot of eye doctors, tried a lot of contacts, and eventually I underwent corneal transplant. The surgery was not successful, and my vision remained as it was before surgery. Driving at night was no longer something that I could do because of blinding glare. Scleral Lenses literally changed my life, I didn’t know what I was missing.

Common Questions
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Unlike regular contact lenses, scleral lenses are custom fit to the eye. This requires significantly more training on the part of the optometrist, expensive equipment, and multiple patient visits to achieve the optimal fit. In addition to the fitting process, the patient must also be trained on how to properly care, insert, and remove scleral lenses. Because of these reasons, professional fees associated with fitting scleral lenses and lens replacement costs are higher than other contact lenses. We are happy to discuss your specific costs and payment options based on your individual needs.

Does Vision Or Medical Insurance Cover The Cost Of Scleral Lenses?

Scleral lenses are not automatically covered by vision or medical insurance. Most insurances will reimburse the costs for scleral lenses when medically necessary, yet the rates and restrictions vary greatly from one vision insurance provider to the next.

When it comes to scleral lenses, every insurance company is different. Some cover the examination and custom fitting, but not the actual lenses. Others may cover a portion of the cost or 100% of the cost, but only if other treatment methods have been exhausted. It’s important that you check with your specific insurance provider to understand the particulars of your scleral lens coverage.

Note: Scleral lenses are hard lenses and last far longer than soft contact lenses. While their costs may be greater, their lifespan and benefits often become an affordable investment.

  • Consultation and testing (Digital Imaging)
  • Scleral Lens fitting
  • Dispensing of the lens
  • Scleral Lens training for care, insertion and removal
  • Scleral Lens follow up(s) for micro adjustments

Scleral Doctor Name can fit custom scleral lenses designed to match the exact contours of your eye. Scleral Doctor Name  will begin by using a topographer to digitally map out the exact dimensions and shape of your eye. Based on these measurements, a scleral lens is custom designed to ensure maximum comfort and acuity.

Scleral lenses are crafted using microscopic adjustments for an ideal fit. Plus, our office carries the latest technology to ensure the highest level of care and precision in developing each scleral lens.

Our patients are often deeply touched by the enormous sense of relief they feel when they are able to manage their corneal conditions successfully without surgery.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

Meet Our Scleral Lens Optometrist


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Serving Patients From:

Other Specialty Contact Lens Fittings In CITY 1

Our practice specializes in custom contact lens fittings for a wide range of specialty contact lenses. This includes:

  • Gas permeable (GP) and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses
  • Multifocal contact lens fitting for presbyopia and myopia
  • Soft daily lenses for moderate dry eye, discomfort, and eye allergies
  • Scleral lenses for patients with keratoconus, corneal scarring, severe dry eyes, corneal transplants, and irregular astigmatism.

Scleral Doctor Name, together with the attentive staff at The Practice Name Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center, will custom fit you for scleral lenses and ensure that you receive top-notch eye care for all your vision needs.

We help patients from all over State including CITY 1, CITY 2, CITY 3, CITY 4

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    Scleral lenses can be used for patients with keratoconus, for those requiring vision correction after eye surgery, and to treat many other eye conditions and disorders. Moreover, patients who struggle with prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses can now experience comfortable, superior vision by wearing scleral lenses.

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    Eye complications following LASIK surgery, PRK, or RK can be remedied by wearing scleral lenses. They are the ideal option in providing clear and comfortable vision.

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